יום שלישי, 4 ביוני 2013

The flea market in Jaffa

It's a pleasure to meet and draw with the group in the flea market of Jaffa because it's actually the place I go almost everyday on my own. I live nearby and it's the best place to observe amazing characters and draw them quietly. There are so many people there that nobody really notice you, they are so concentrated on what's happening around, a tone of objects, all kind of shops and coffee shops.
Soon I'll post a series of portraits done in the flea market of Jaffa that I did but today, I post this watercolor. The funny thing is that all the people appearing in this drawing never met. First of all because I started it one day and finished it another day but also because some of them just passed quickly or some set and then left before I started to draw the next one… here is the result

4 תגובות:

  1. really beautiful sketch, Aurore! As for the fact, that all the people appearing in this drawing never met, I always say, that our sketches are kind of static animation - not frozen moments, like in the movie “The Matrix”, but moments and actions as they are happening; so our sketches include many moments that occurred over a period of time.

  2. It's sad in a way, maybe this pink old man would have appreciated looking at this young woman passing by with her dog !!! Thanks for your support